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Trips of a Lifetime for Michael and Lance

It's tough to coexist until we know each other. That's our philosophy. Lance McPherson and Michael Wakelin of the Coexist Foundation had the trips of a lifetime, meeting with people in Uganda and India who had figured out how to coexist.

The Coexist team's trip to Uganda and India

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After seeking out the most uplifting people and communities, we wanted to meet them and learn how they coexist. We wanted to really get to know them as people and find out how to support their work.

Lance and Michael traveled around the globe to meet our partners in Uganda and India. They saw, heard, tasted, smelled, and felt what it meant to coexist.

Listening to the stories of community members, they learned just how much our global movement for change needed to start locally. It had to be people-focused.

Michael recorded many of their more memorable experiences in a journal. These stories are adapted from it. With them, you can experience Uganda and India through his eyes.

Coexist is a way of life. Come experience it with us.

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