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British Library Sacred Exhibition

British Library Sacred Exhibition

Coexist Team at the British Library Sacred Exhibition

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The British Library’s acclaimed “Sacred” exhibition brought together, for the first time, exquisite and very rare Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts, presenting them alongside one another to show the extraordinary shared heritage of the Abrahamic faiths.

Sacred proved to be the most successful exhibition in the history of the British Library, both in terms of visitors, and of the overwhelmingly positive reaction from press and public alike.

The exhibition attracted over 200,000 visitors, an average of 1,325 each day, more than any other exhibition in the history of the Library.

Prominent visitors included Prince Charles; Prince Philip; Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco; Prince Hassan of Jordan; former PM Tony Blair; and ambassadors from 35 countries.

Personal accounts of a trip to the exhibition featured in over 1,200 blogs.

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