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Thank you, Brian Hubbell

Monday morning, we received an incredibly generous donation. The donation provided 1,666 weeks – that’s over 42 school years – worth of education to children in our partner communities.

Coexist's generous donor

We asked the donor, Brian, if he would be willing to let us publicly celebrate his donation and if he would be willing to write about why he supports coexistence. Here’s what he wrote.

I believe the ultimate desire that each of us yearn for is Love. Love is much more than just an emotion; it is a state of consciousness. Love, in fact, is the highest state of consciousness — the Ideal democracy.

It is the state of consciousness that Buddha, Moses, Mohammad, Jesus, Socrates, and many other spiritual people understood/understand. For this reason, education is so important. We all need to elevate our state of consciousness, which is done with knowledge, action, and Wisdom.

To gain the Wisdom of Love consciousness, we must do actions that emulate Love consciousness. This is not easy work; we have to go against our selfish nature. It is a process, and it will not happen over night. But, if we all can dream to Coexist in Love, rather than bloodshed, we can do our work to “Love Thy Neighbor” and change the world.

I, Brian Hubbell, believe in the Power of Love. I understand that Love, knowing that I turned $10,000 into 42 years worth of education for children. To me, that makes the future look brighter than today.

Thank you, Brian, for not simply believing in love, but helping us grow that spirit through education and understanding.

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