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A visit to Tank Coffee

The Coexist team made new friends and met a lot of interesting people at the Greenbelt Festival. One of those was Ged Tyrrell, CEO of Tank Coffee, a distributor and roaster based in the UK. He invited us to take a look at their operation, so we sent Michael out to do just that. Here's his report from the visit.

Coexist visits Tank Coffee

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Today I took the comparatively short journey to the home of Tank Coffee in the northwest of England. They are a small operation, but roast and distribute a lot of fair trade, sustainably produced coffee from around the world to various outlets in the UK and elsewhere.

I met with Garth and Joan, the husband and wife team who roast, grind, bag and dispatch the coffee, as well as Ged, who runs the operation alongside his engineering companies.

I was shown round the facility, introduced to the roaster and the grinder and was served some of their coffee from Ethiopia. It was great to connect with them on their home turf and see how they go about things. We always love meeting with other coffee connoisseurs, especially those who could turn out to be good partners.

Check out some photos from the visit:

You can view even more photos on our Tumblr.

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