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Helping made easy

Coexist promotes supporting charities

Did you know that you can support your favorite charity while doing the things you do every day at no extra cost to you? We're calling it passive giving – helping without having to put in much thought or effort.

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Walking with Generation Hope

Coexist supports generation Hope's March Event

Coexist is all about bringing people together and providing access to education. What better way to support our mission than by working with other organizations trying to do the same?

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Coexist attends “Image of the Other: Media, Social Media and the Internet”

Coexist attending “Image of the Other: Media, Social Media and the Internet,”

Last week, Coexist Foundation Director of Projects Michael Wakelin attended “Image of the Other: Media, Social Media and the Internet,” hosted by the KAICIID Dialogue Centre in Vienna, Austria.

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Can you buy lasting happiness?

Coexist: Can you buy happiness?

Retail therapy – shopping to improve your mood – may seem like something that was invented to justify your last mall visit, but more than half of us have done it. Unfortunately, that boost is practically guaranteed to be short-lived. So what can you do to make yourself happy in the long run?

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14 stories of coexistence in 2013

Coexist and 14 stories of coexistence

As we close out the year, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a look back at some of the inspiring stories of coexistence that took place in 2013.

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Make your holiday shopping matter

Coexist's gift guide for doing good

’Tis the season for presents and shopping, for giving back, for being generous. Now more than ever, you can do all of those things at the same time.

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Are you ready for us, Alexandria?

Coexist debuting at Ten Thousand Villages Alexandria

We get asked a lot of different questions when we’re out at events. Where does the coffee come from? Is it any good? Are you the bumper sticker people? But one that keeps popping up is where can I get more coffee? Our answer used to be that you have to order online or find us at an event. But as of next Monday, you’ll be able to buy us in a real brick-and-mortar store.

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Thank you, Brian Hubbell

Coexist's generous donor

Monday morning, we received an incredibly generous donation. The donation provided 1,666 weeks – that’s over 42 school years – worth of education to children in our partner communities.

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Is Madonna crying out for Coexist?

Madonna supporting Coexist

Maybe it’s hubris, or just selective comprehension, but I’m pretty sure Madonna has been talking about Coexist lately.

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Another delicious way to encourage coexistence

Coexist and Zenify partnership

Our corporate partner, Zenify, has been busy the last few weeks gearing up for their big launch at the Natural Products Expo East. With 5% of their profits going to Coexist, we’re psyched to be part of what they’re doing. Oh, and we love the drink, too.

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The bigger picture of coexistence in the Middle East

Coexist CEO Tarek Elgawhary trip to the Middle East

Together we are stronger, together we are mightier, together we are able to overcome our fears and our anxieties, and together we can break down the barriers that we have put up around ourselves.

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Two weeks in Egypt

Coexist in Egypt

We need to be extremely careful with how we communicate — accuracy and transparency are paramount. This is one of the reasons we at Coexist are obsessed with developing tangible criteria by which to measure the success of our programs and projects.

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Win new Coexist gear online

Coexist's online t-shirt contest

Do you coexist for peace? Education? To make the world a better place? We want to know about it.

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Like what you see? Enter to win!

Coexist Greenbelt t-shirt contest

Show us how you're coexisting. Ten lucky Greenbelt-goers will win a stylish Coexist t-shirt to take home with them. Can't make it to the UK for the festival? Stay tuned for how to win at home.

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40 years of arts, faith and justice

Coexist at the Greenbelt Festival

Read on if, in addition to being interested in a multifaceted festival with music, comedy, visual and performing arts, you are also interested in finding out how to get the newest Coexist clothes (including the adorable onesies).

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Coexist at the Chelsea Flower Show

Coexist at the Chelsea Flower Show

On May 21st 2013, representatives from Coexist attended the world famous Chelsea Flower Show as special guests of Chris Beardshaw Ltd.

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Coexist profiled in The Times

The Coexist Foundation in The Times

Michael Binyon, the respected international commentator and leader-writer for The Times, profiled Coexist in a feature published in Saturday’s edition.

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Rev. Bud Heckman on BlogTalkRadio

Coexist: Contributions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims on BlogTalkRadio

Rev. Bud Heckman, Director of External Relations for the Coexist Foundation USA, spoke about the contributions of Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others to the world’s most religiously diverse nation.

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A Rendezvous @ the Rubin

Coexist's Peacemakers in Action

On August 9th, Tanenbaum hosted a special evening at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York to provide an opportunity to meet and learn about the inspiring work of the members of Peacemakers in Action.

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Coexist presents at NAIN National Conference

The Coexist Foundation sponsored a luncheon at the North American Interfaith Network

The Coexist Foundation USA sponsored a luncheon at the North American Interfaith Network’s recent meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on July 26, 2011.

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Dartmoor Bike Ride for Coexist

Coexist Dartmoor Bike Ride Fundraiser

On 25th June James Kidner, Director of Coexist, pedalled off across Dartmoor to raise funds for Coexist.

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CFR Religion and Foreign Policy Summer Workshop

Coexist at the CFR Religion and Foreign Policy Summer Workshop

Coexist team members Mr. Tarek Elgawhary and Rev. Bud Heckman contributed to the discussions at the recent Religion and Foreign Policy Summer Workshop at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme Director gives papal lecture in Rome

Coexist and the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme

Professor David Ford, Director of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme, gave the Pope John Paul II Honorary Lecture in Rome on 5th April.

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Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Coexist at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Coexist has been pleased to support the [Alliance of Religions and Conservation] ( in their work with the [United Nations Development Programme] ( and other partners from around the World’s faith communities working to ensure better environmental stewardship in the run-up to and after December’s Copenhagen meeting.

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World Conference on Dialogue

Coexist addresses World Conference on Dialogue

James Kidner, Director of the Coexist Foundation, addressed the World Conference on Dialogue to improve understanding between faith communities.

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Lecture by Professor Menocal

Coexist sponsored lecture by Professor David Ford

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum hosted a Coexist-sponsored lecture by Professor David Ford, director of Cambridge University's Inter-Faith Programme.

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Lancaster House Conference

Coexist's "Islam and Muslims in the World today"

Coexist is sponsoring, with the Weidenfeld Institute and the British Government, a University of Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme conference on “Islam and Muslims in the World Today”.

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