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14 stories of coexistence in 2013

As we close out the year, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a look back at some of the inspiring stories of coexistence that took place in 2013.

Coexist and 14 stories of coexistence

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  1. Struggling Synagogue Saved by City’s Muslims

  2. Photo Shows Muslims Protecting Church in Egypt as Congregants Attend Mass

  3. Rock the conflict: Jewish and Palestinian metal bands tour for peace

  4. Hummus with a side of harmony in Israel

  5. Pope Francis Condemns Racism And Declares That “All Religions Are True” At Historic Third Vatican Council

  6. Shot by the Taliban a year ago, Malala was a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize

  7. Across Forbidden Border, Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria’s Wounded

  8. 800 Jewish, Muslim volunteers fan out to volunteer at 39 metro Detroit sites

  9. Hindu family in UAE observes Ramadan fast for 14 years

  10. Nigeria: Joint Christmas Celebrations for Muslims and Christians in Strife-Torn Nigerian State

  11. In Pakistan, a new mosque to unite Sunni and Shia

  12. Muslims help rebuild Catholic church in Zamboanga

  13. 2 Muslim Chechens sign with Beitar Jerusalem despite protests from club’s anti-Muslim fans

  14. Israeli and Palestinian Women Crossing the Divide

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