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Partnership for New BBC Radio 2 Broadcaster Search

With the Cambridge Coexist Programme and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival, BBC Radio 2 launches search to find faith-based broadcasting talent.

Coexist and BBC search for faith-based broadcasting talent

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In association with the Cambridge Coexist Programme and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival, BBC Radio 2 has launched a new voices search to find faith-based broadcasting talent for its ‘Pause for Thought’ programme. The chosen new voice will be part of The Vanessa Feltz Show, which airs on BBC Radio 2 every weekday between 5 and 6.30 a.m.

Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s Head of Religion and Ethics notes, “What matters isn’t broadcasting experience but a real passion for a subject and the ability to share it with others. This is a unique way to engage with different communities and find the most passionate, eloquent speakers who can inspire our audience and communicate their spiritual views in a fresh and exciting way.”

Interested applicants need to submit a two minute audio recording of a religious reflection, suitable for transmission in the ‘Pause for Thought’ slot, as well as a written copy of the text. The search process is open to people of all faiths.

Director of The Cambridge Coexist Programme, Michael Wakelin, says, “Religion shapes the lives of many people in the world today and holds a key to some of the world’s most complex problems. As a society we need to understand them more and that’s what finding this new talent is all about.”

Those shortlisted will be invited to attend workshops at the Cheltenham Literature Festival to build their public speaking skills before a session where they will be asked to deliver some final thoughts. A panel of experts will choose which of the speakers will go on to appear on ‘Pause for Thought’.

Jane Furze, Director of The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival said, “We’re so pleased that BBC Radio 2, and Vanessa Feltz in particular, want to work with us on this. It’s a great addition to our programme and the potential for the person who is chosen is enormous!”

For further information, please contact:

Ali Cowe, BBC Radio 2 publicity at or on 07921 648705.

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