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iPhone App in partnership with Odyssey

Coexist has been proud to partner with acclaimed US-based documentary-makers Odyssey to develop iPhone Apps which go behind the story of some of the exhibits in the New York Public Library’s “Three Faiths” exhibition.

Coexist partners with Odyssey to develop iPhone App for the "Three Faiths" exhibition

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Inspired by the magnificent collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim manuscripts now on display in the New York Public Library, the “Three Faiths Exhibition’: Sacred Texts” channel on the “Call on Faith” iPhone App gives a sense of the ways in which these beautiful manuscripts have inspired Jews, Christians, Muslims and others through the ages, and continue to do so today. The NYPL exhibition, co-sponsored by Coexist, runs until February 27th.

The App is available to download and share from iTunes, as well as the Odyssey Networkswebsite. Coexist hope to build up this Apps resource with other projects in the months ahead.

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