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Hello Hyderabad!

Hi, my name is Michael. Today is my birthday. I never imagined I might spend it like this!

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I get up at 7:00 and take a taxi to the airport for a 15-hour journey to Hyderabad, India. It will be great to meet up with Lance for part of the trip!

I landed in Hyderabad at 2:55 in the morning and was driven for an hour to our hotel. (I can’t tell whether or not it’s still my birthday, but who’s counting hours anyway!)

Keeping the costs down means no luxury for us, so I stayed at the Swagath Grand Hotel (the “grand” may be ironic), which appears to have gone out of business. Right when I’m beginning to give up hope of finding our hotel, a rattling of shutters suggests that someone has noticed us.

As it turns out, I was right under our small hotel!

Exhausted, I tumble into bed. Three hours later it’s time for breakfast, my first dhosa with spicy sauce. Lance arrived during the evening, and the two of us take some time to meet the very wonderful Vipul, who is head of media for Chetna Organic.

Vipul will be with us for the next three days, telling us about how Chetna works and showing us the farms it collaborates with (and is owned by).

Signing off for today, Michael

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