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Eudaemonia Conferences

In partnership with The Coexist Foundation, Eudaemonia conferences provide training to Religious Education teachers and school managers across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Coexist Foundation helps provide training to Religious education teachers and school managers

Help create a world where differences are the source of knowledge and understanding.

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Coexist supports their initiatives around the world to enable trainee and newly qualified teachers to attend without charge.

Through the partnership, new educational resources have been developed at both primary and secondary levels to enable teachers to better engage students with an understanding of what it means to be Jewish, Christian and Muslim today.

Each teacher Eudaemonia trains is encouraged and enabled to cascade training to their colleagues and become agents of change within their schools.

Each department Eudaemonia equips thousands of young people and through them thousands of families.

For more information visit eudaemonia.kk5.org

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