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Just how different IS Coexist Coffee?

Many, many people ask us about our coffee. Where does it come from? Why, exactly, does it taste so good? Is it better than Starbucks? (Yes.) But more importantly, why is it different?

The difference in Coexist Coffee

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After being in the coffee culture for the past few months, I have determined that we have two groups of people who love us: coffee aficionados who are looking for that extra-special product, and regular Joes who are seeking a great cup of coffee that tastes like coffee.

I, myself, fall in the latter category. I want a coffee that tastes good enough to drink every day.

And I’ve realized that is how we make a difference. We are giving you an easy way to give back with a great product. Our fair trade, organic, kosher, paleo, gluten-free, soon-to-be locally roasted (or locally roasted already if you live in California!) coffee is great coffee that does more.

I realized just how special our coffee is after visiting some coffee roasters.

First off, it’s a hard bean grown on Mount Elgon, which is A DORMANT VOLCANO, YOU GUYS. How cool is that? If you consult a map, it will show you that Mount Elgon is on the border of Uganda and Kenya. If you ask people in the coffee industry, many will tell you that the best coffee beans are grown in Kenya. In fact, many Kenyan coffees are grown in the same exact environment (even on the same mountain) as our coffee.

Our beans are Arabica, but not just run-of-the-mill Arabica; they’re actually one of the original ancient Ethiopian strains that made its way southwest to Mbale.

One organic roaster out of Philadelphia suggested our beans are probably most similar to (but not exactly) a Bourbon strand, because they’re balanced, sweet, and full. As a blogger from Counter Culture writes, Bourbon strains of coffees are “Balanced with a smooth texture and a sweet, just-right finish, Bourbons are sort of the peanut-butter-and-jelly of the coffee world.”

I couldn’t agree more about ours. Whether you’re looking for the lighter roast, with hints of pecan, nutmeg, milk chocolate, and vanilla bean or you are wondering about the dark roast’s fudgy chocolate notes, toasty pecan, and a smoky brown sugar finish, I have one word: yum.

No, seriously. Yum. And the best part is, you can actually taste the difference in flavor. Many dark roasts burn the sh*t out of their beans in an attempt to hide bad quality behind that “coffee flavor.” But because our bean is so hard, it can withstand higher temperatures of roasting equipment in order to deliver a more balanced, yet still darker, flavor, adjusted to the American palate.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Dana Reinert is the Program Innovation Manager & Solutions Designer at Coexist. She’s designed pop-up booths, brewed nitro, and made some awesome friends.

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