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The first Coexist Forum online conference

The Coexist Forum is a series of topical and timely conference calls, events, and talks convened by the Coexist Foundation.

The Coexist Foundation's Coexist Forum

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The Coexist Forum is a series of topical and timely conference calls, events, and talks convened by the Coexist Foundation to bring together a select group of invited funders, experts, activists and scholars working in the space of religion and the public square.

On September 14, Coexist hosted the first Coexist Forum online conference discussing one of the headline topics of this year – the anti-Muslim movement.

The invitation only conference call, hosted on the Web Ex platform, featured two experts working on the cutting edge of this field, Wajahat Ali, a researcher and writer for the Center for American Progress who played a key role in the recent publication of Fear, Inc, and Mohamed Elsanousi, the Founding Director of the Shoulder to Shoulder Coalition. The call provided an opportunity to ask questions and receive updates on where are we now and what’s next for this field.

Each of the invited experts provided a brief presentation, followed by a directed Q&A session and brief commentary from participants.

The call’s converstion investigated ways in which we are moving beyond the anti-Muslim campaigns toward reality-based mutual perceptions, equal citizenship, pluralism, and authentic civic engagement. It also explored actions that we can collectively and collaboratively undertake to move beyond the rhetoric towards more practical tools and networks to create a more robust and plural society.

In addition, the call provided an opportunity to share upcoming projects and events, recommend experts and partner institutions to aligned causes, and exchange lessons learned from past projects and grants.

The Coexist Forum conference calls follow Chatham House Rules, in order to encourage the free exchange of viewpoints and ideas and to respect the institutional obligations of participants.

The Coexist Forum is another way in which the Coexist Foundation is working to increase understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and between these faiths and others.

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