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What’s Chetna?

Our friend Vipul took us to the Chetna Organic Headquarters, not so far away, and introduced us to the team.

The Coexist team meets the Chetna farmers team

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It was already starting to get hot outside.

After meeting with some of Chetna’s employees, Lance, Vipul, and I headed north on a six-hour ride to Adilabad.

We stopped on the way for the most delicious curry I have ever eaten. Then we arrived at what is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.

Vipul assures us in a jovial manner that it is the only hotel within 200 miles – and that we should try to get used to it. I threaten him with a slice of mango but to no avail. We are all jet-lagged beyond reason so don’t notice much else about the hotel. Thank goodness!

Key learnings from the day:

Signing off for today, Michael

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