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Cambridge Coexist Leadership Programme

The Cambridge Coexist Programme is launching a year-long Leadership Training Programme for senior rabbis, pastors, and imams.

The Cambridge Coexist Programme launching a year-long Leadership Training Programme

Help create a world where differences are the source of knowledge and understanding.

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Working with the highly regarded Faith in Leadership team, the Cambridge Coexist Programme is inviting between twenty and thirty senior rabbis, pastors, and imams to hone their leadership skills through a series of residential modules and independent study spread over a year. In creative collaboration – and by spending time on courses together – our hope is that they will not only improve their skills as community leaders but also forge friendships and build understanding across these three faith traditions. With three modules focused on academic study, front line experience, and high quality leadership training, we will aim to produce a team of enthusiastic ambassadors and alumni to pave the way for many more such courses in succeeding years. For more, please click here.

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