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Friends in delicious places

You probably know by now that we keg our cold brew, but you might not know where the magic happens. We’ve thankfully gone beyond our office kitchen and teamed up with some kick-ass local brewers.

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Meet Beltway Brewing Company, a local contract and partner brewery out in Sterling, Va., owned by Sten Sellier. Beltway has turned out to be the perfect place for producing our Nitro Brew in large enough quantities to start getting it out to cafes, bars, and restaurants (and the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show).

Recently opened, Beltway’s mission is to offer their services on a contract basis, brewing others’ recipes in their shiny new beer equipment. Say a small non-profit in a cramped Georgetown office needs space to try a new initiative of kegging their cold brew. Voila! The perfect fit.

Beltway employs Drew Perry, formerly of Flying Fish Brewery in New Jersey, who has been more than helpful, offering suggestions, waiting out our antics, and explaining exactly what a carbonation stone is (for the record, it’s not just a big Alka Seltzer, which is what Tarek and I were picturing, but rather a rod covered in small holes that helps the liquid absorb more carbonation).

We unleashed our boundless creativity on the Beltway team last week at their newly opened warehouse, and they let us have some fun.

If I had an inner beer-nerd, I would start jumping with joy. However, being more of a coffee person, I finally get what all those beer connoisseur/home-brew addicts seem to love: tweaking recipes, waiting patiently on a brew to carbonate, speculating about recipe edits, tasting and enjoying the final product, and doing it with some really cool equipment.

As I was climbing up a ladder to take pictures of the equipment, I saw just how professional and enthusiastic the team is over at Beltway.

From fielding endless questions, brainstorming different ways to keg with us, Drew and Sten are definitely in it for the love of brewing, and we’re happy to have them along for the ride.

Make sure to visit our gallery of one of our trips to Beltway Brewing Co. on Facebook.

Dana Reinert started off at Coexist as a booth designer before joining the team full-time as our Program Innovation Manager & Solutions Designer.

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